It is the mission of the Staff and the Director of this College to provide the adult public of South Africa with an opportunity to qualify in Engineering Studies by means of distance education. These qualifications must be official, registered and accredited to assist the student in obtaining a higher engineering qualification.

This College is also an institution linked to other institutions to complete the education cycle such as the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association), Dept of Labour Trade Test Centre and Wireman’s license accreditation, Municipal Trade Training Centres and obtaining a Government Certificate of Competency.

It is also a mission of the staff and the Director of this College to ensure a high quality and standard of education material as well as incorporating the most recent technology in the study material.

It is a vision of the Director of NTEK to open its doors to the public in all major provinces and to be able to examine them on site.

Distance education is losing it’s rightful place in the field of engineering studies and at NTEK we will do our utmost to retain the system and improve on it.