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National Technical Exam Cources

  Ntek, is n volwaardige tweetalige Onderwys Instelling .
Ntek is a fully bilingual Education Institution
 We can assist to fulfil your dream  and passion to obtain an accredited National Technical Engineering qualification by studying at NTEK College in Engineering studies by means of Distance/correspondence with Day and Evening classes assistance.

Motor Mechanic
(Petrol/Diesel  & Aircraft)
Industrial Engineering
Engineering Drawing
 Electrical Engineering
Electronical Engineering
Fitting & Turning
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Important factors to bear in mind when studying at NTEK

NTEK is a distance learning Institution with day and evening class assistance.  Thus we have limited seating for day and evening class assistance available as we provide individual assistance to each student and have a maximum of 20 students per class.   It is therefore imperative that you book and enrol well in advance for these classes as we operate on a first come first serve basis. FET Calendar as supplied by the Department of Education is included on the Web for your perusal.  However detail roster for the classes will be finalised based on the enrolments received and communicated to each learner well in advance.

We provide assistance to students for specific questions related to work assignment and/or homework.  The student need to formulate his/her question and send it to admin@ntek.co.za and the relevant lecturer will contact the student ASAP to discuss and correspond to the related question via telephone and email. 
Additional one on one classes and assistance can be arranged and need to be arranged at our offices or by sending us an email to admin@ntek.co.za and a time frame to suite all parties will be scheduled by our Administration Department.  Please NOTE the cost for additional individual one on one assistance is not included in the standard enrolment fee.

Assignments for term marks
All required assignments must be submitted and received at the offices of NTEK on or before the predetermined due dates. No late assignments will be assessed unless arranged well in advance (See FET Calendar blow for due dates).

Learning Material
One question in the exam paper represents one chapter in your text book.
There is an average of 10 chapters in a text book,
There are 10 weeks in a course,
This leaves you with a chapter per week.
Look at the marks allocated to each question,
If a question counts 6 marks, then write 6 lines, each with an underlined keyword,
If you write 3 lines, then each with 2 keyword sentences.
Read all the information given in a question and answer the question only.
NB - Check your Handbooks and study material

On receipt of your study material and hand Books you must check it and if there are any discrepancies you must report it to the Administration Office within 48 hours. In failing to do so this College will NOT be liable to accept returns or reissue any of the Books or study material.
NTEK Cources
    As listed below
N1 to N6
* MDDOP (Multi-Disciplinary Druggeting Office Practice)
Installation Rules
* Master
* Gov Cert Of Competency: Electro technical Engineering
* Gov Cert Of Competency: Mechanical Engineering

National Certificate
Minimum Requirements
  • Must be older than 15 years of age.
  • Grade 9 Maths (NOT Mathematic Literacy)
  • Grade 9 Physical Science

National Diploma
Minimum Requirements
  • Grade 12 / N3 Maths (NOT Mathematic Literacy)
  • Grade 12/ N3 Engineering Science

Wireman's Licence
Who qualifies for a Wireman’s License?
A student interested in enrolling, must be a qualified artisan in one of the following trades:
  • Electrician
  • Lift Mechanic
  • Millwright
  • Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Technician
  • Armature Winder.

Qualified Artisan
  • Grade 12/N3 Engineering science
  • Grade 12/N3 Mathematics (Not Mathematic Literacy)
  • Grade 12/N3 Electrical trade theory or technology
  • (Subjects on N2 equals single phase tester)
  • (Subjects on N3 equals three phase installation electrician )
Unit standards and accreditations are outsourced. 
We offer the following National Certificate Qualifications:

  • National Certificate (N1-N3): Engineering Studies (Electrical Engineering)
  • National Certificate (N1-N3): Engineering Studies (Electronic Engineering)
  • National Certificate (N1-N3): Engineering Studies (Motor Mechanic - Petrol/Diesel)
  • National Certificate (N1-N3): Engineering Studies (Millwright – Engineering Drawing)
  • National Certificate (N1-N3): Engineering Studies (Millwright – Industrial Engineering)
  • National Certificate (N1-N3): Engineering Studies (Fitting and Turning)
  • National Certificate (N1-N3): Engineering Studies (Boilermaker/Welder)

Masters Wireman's Licence (Specialised Codes for Hazardous Installations)

Minimum Requirements
  • National Diploma  (N4-N6): Engineering Studies (Electrical Engineering) with Electrotechnics N6 or Industrial Electronics N6 or Faultfinding and Protective devices N6.
  • Wireman's Licence three phase (minimum 2 years)
  • Trade test qualification as an Electrician three phase
Single-Phase Tester:
He/She must be in position of a N2 certificate for a single-phase tester with the following subjects:
Mathematics N2
Engineering science 2
Electrical Trade Theory N2
Choice Subject (Industrial Electronics N2)

Three-Phase Installation Electrician
Alternatively He/She must be in possession of a N3 certificate for a 3-phase Installation Electrician with the following subjects:
Mathematics N3 (Grade 12)
Engineering Science N3 (Grade 12)
Electrical Trade Theory / Electro Technology N3 (Grade 12)
Choice subject (Industrial Electronics N3)

We offer the following National Diploma Qualifications:

  • National Diploma  (N4-N6): Engineering Studies (Electrical Engineering)
  • National Diploma  (N4-N6): Engineering Studies (Electronic Engineering)
  • National Diploma (N4 -N6): Engineering Studies (Mechanical Engineering)
  • National Certificate (N4-N6): Engineering Studies (Civile Engineering)
  • National Diploma (N4-N6): Engineering Studies (GCC - Government Certificate of Compentency Mechanical and Electrical)
Installation Rules Paper 1 nd 2
NTEK provide 3 practical workshops on pre dated Saturday mornings for all candidates that has enrolled for Installation Rules.  These workshops covers the syllabise and also work through previous Examination papers and memorandums.

For the following Trimester the workshop daters are:
  • Workshop 1 :16 September 2017
  • Workshop 2 :30 September 2017
  • Workshop 3 :7 October 2017
Examination Dates
  • Installation Rules Paper 1:15 November 2017
  • Installation Rules Paper 2:22 November 2017

Workshops starts at 08:00

Workshop Venue:
257 Honeysuckle Road, Magaklieskruin, PRETORIA

For More detail contact Allen Palmer tel 0825565 1202 or our Offices
NTEK does not enrol candidates for apprenticeship.  We provide the learning prescribed hand books, literacy, study material and assistance to empower learners to obtain the required academic qualifications as stipulated by the Department of Labour in conjunction with the Department of Education.   Where possible we can assist to bring the learners in contact with accredited institutions that provide apprentice learner ship but does not get involved in the final acceptance or contract between the learners and these institutions.
For more detail regarding apprenticeship please visit the following Web link from the Department of Labour. http://www.labour.gov.za/DOL/downloads/documents/useful-documents/skills-development-act/Apprenticeships%20pamphlet_pamphlet.pdf

Also see Apprentices Act, 1961 [Act No. 52 of 19611 as amended by Acts 52 of 1964, 2 , 25 of 19683 , 27 of 19734 , 41 of 19865 and 4 of 19976 ] in the following Web link from the Department of Labour.
Specified Outcomes Within Learning Materials Regarding Examination 

Single-Phase & Three-Phase
Course :                                Installation Rules Paper 1 (11040412)
                                               Installation Rules Paper 2 (11040432)
Program:                              Theory
Authority :                            Department of Education Republic
                                               of South Africa (DHET).
Learning Material:              Sans Code 10142
Outcomes:                           Non-unit Standards

Masters: (Hazardous Installations)
Course:                                Specialized Electrical Installation Codes:
                                              Paper 1 (8080654)
                                              Specialized Electrical Installation
                                              Codes: Paper 2 (8080644)
Program:                             Theory
Authority:                            Department of Education Republic
                                              of South Africa (DHET)
Learning Material:             SANS 10142 OSH Act
                                              SANS 10108

Informationm Regarding Examination 
Examination frequency
  • All Examinations performed by NTEK are certified by a legal representative authority (The type of course will determine the authority)
  • All N3 and NSC N3 examinations are certified by Umalusi.
  • All NATED courses are examined and certified by the De3pt of Education.
  • All Installation Rules examinations are controlled by the Dept. of Education and certified by the Dept. of Labour.
  • All wireman’s accreditation examinations are controlled by E-Seta and certified by the Dept. of Labour.
  • Depending on the type of course which will determine the frequency.
  • All NATED courses are examined in April, August & November of each year.
  • All Installation Rules examinations are examined April, August and November of each year.
  • All wireman’s accreditation examinations are executed on individual appointment.
  • All examination tables are available in the beginning of each year from the Dept. of Education made available to the Colleges.
       Term mark

  • No final exam mark can be calculated by the Dept. without a term mark
  • The final examination result is calculated by the Dept. using a formula and an ogive chart
  • A too high term mark and a low exam mark has a negative result on the final mark
Examination Prerequisites to write exams
• ID Book or Passport or Licence
• Pen, Pencil, Ruler, Eraser
• Non-programmable Calculator
• A Term Mark must have been achieved
• An Admission Permit (Obtainable from NTEK Office)
Please Note the following:
        Examination Centre

  • NTEK is affiliated to Pretoria Gardens Technical High School’s FET examination centre. Centre registration No. 899995872
  • NTEK has applied for an Independent Examination Centre with the Department
  • No student will be eligible to write any examinations if he did not fill in an enrolment form which will lead to Dept. enrolment and subsequently an examination permit
  • On entering the examination room the candidate must provide his examination permit and a valid ID document (Without this you will be refused to write!)
  • Candidates may not enter the exam room later than 1 hour after the starting time.
  • X Paper is a morning paper starting at 09:00.
  • Y Paper is afternoon paper starting at 13:00.
  • All Student must check their seat numbers before entering the exam rooms.
  • Students may only sit on the allocated seat numbers.

NB PLEASE NOTE the  exams are not written at the Ntek Campus or Offices.
ALL examinations are written at the premises of Pretoria Gardens Technical High School.

Physical Address for Examination Centre:
1025 Commercial Street


Examination Centre  Map
Preliminary FET College Calendar for 3rd Trimester 2017
EMAIL: admin@ntek.co.za
TEL: 021-567-2872