NTEK College (Pty) Ltd

Nationale Tegniese Eksamen Kursusse - National Technical Exam Cources.

Nek is n vowaardige onderwys Instelling  -  Ntek is a fullu bilingual education Institution.

Our Vision and Credentials




NTEK College will endeavour to provide accredited adult public education, skills training, and learning by means of distance education and provide evening classes and some fulltime day time as assistance within the boundaries of South Africa.  This will be done by means of integrity and sustainable qualified personnel and quality training material.


Provide theoretical and practical training with an opportunity to qualify in Engineering Studies. The College is committed to meet the dynamic education, academic, and workforce development needs of individuals, employers and communities by adhering to all Statutory Requirements, Local and National regulations.
The College will work in cohesion and partnership with other institutions to complete the education cycle such as the ECA (Electrical Contractors Association), Dept of Labour Trade Test Centre and Wireman’s license accreditation, Municipal Trade Training Centres and obtaining a Government Certificate of Competency.
Provide high quality standard of education and study material as well as incorporating the most recent technology in the study material. 
The College has an open policy to the public in all major provinces and to be able to examine them on site. 

Stay abreast with all latest curriculum and technologies

NTEK (Pty) Ltd.

Exam Centre 899995872

E SETA Registered



Llewellyn J Palmer:-

  • Bedryfsdiploma (Meulmaker – Millwright)
  • NTS 3 Elektries
  • Onderwys Diploma (Teg)
  • BA Let en Wysb.
  • B.Ed Oderwys Best
  • M.Ed Onderwys Best
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