NTEK College (Pty) Ltd

Nationale Tegniese Eksamen Kursusse - National Technical Exam Cources.

Ntek is n volwaardige tweetalige onderwys Instelling - Ntek is a fully bilingual education Institution


How to study at NTEK



This is a brief guideline to assist you to enrol and for studding at NTEK

The following factors must be taken into account.

Distance education. 

You will study on your own at home making use of standard distance education study material as provided by the College.  You will be required to complete the assignments and it MUST be handed in for assessment and evaluation on specified due dated as determined and communicated by the college.

Fulltime day and evening classes assistance.

A qualified lecturer will conduct lectures in the class room on the premises of the College during specified times as defined and communicated by the College.  Standard approved learning material will be used and is available at the College bookstore.  It is compulsory to attend a minimum of 80% of all classes and do the required assignments at home that will be marked by the lecturer that will form part of a formal term mark which will be forwarded to the relevant Department of Education.  It is imperative that the learners are well prepared for the class by doing all the homework and assignments as well as preparing for the next class.

NTEK study material package for all courses consists of the following:

  • Prescribed relevant and accredited textbooks 
  • Full set of study notes.  Previous question papers and model answers are available on request.
  • 2 assignments are compulsory to be handed in on in on pre-determined and communicated due dates. This will determine your term mark for the Department of Education (PLEASE NOTE: - No term mark NO exams).  An exam pad to write on. Anny assignment where the information is copied word for word direct from the Books and Notes will regarded as plagiarism will not be marked and student will forfeit the term mark. It is advisable to keep a copy of your assignment when submitting it as it might be misplaced by the couriers.


The College personnel will gladly assist and advise you regarding the different courses and subjects to meet your specific career requirements

The following are the subject requirements for the more popular Technical Trades as prescribed by the Department of Education.   (This information is available form "Document Download)

gallery/subjects per trade page 1-page-001
gallery/subjects per trade page 2-page-001

The following is a list of all subjects that can be studied at NTEK

Requirements for the more popular Technical Trades as prescribed by the Department of Education.   (This information is available form "Document Download")

gallery/subjects per n leve page 1+2-page-001 (2)
gallery/subjects per n leve page 1+2-page-002 (1)

Remember - NB - Subject irregularities

The following combinations are “Simultaneous Irregularities” as prescribed by the Department of Education and no certificate will be issued by the Department in the event of any of these irregularities.  If in doubt regarding any of your subject combinations please contact our Offices for guidance and advise. 

  • Welders Theory with     -  Platers Theory
  • Building Drawing with   -  Engineering drawing
  • Building science with     -  Engineering science
  • Digital Electronics with  -  Logic Systems
  • Motor and Diesel Trade Theory may well be combined for certificate purposes